ERP Implementation

In order to bring more benefit not only for enterprises level, currently we are providing our service for small business sector by integrating online platform with their offline channels. As an official learning partner Odoo, we build reliable ERP system for our customer from Website, E-Commerce Platform, Inventory Platform, and POS (Point of Sales)


  1. Low Cost. Using Odoo offers lower prices because of less implementation cost compared to other ERPs. 
  2. Open Sources. Being an open source, the source code is made accessible to all, leaving them as a platform for continuous evaluation and modifications.
  3. User-Friendly. A smooth and friendly user's experience that has been built to ensure the user seamless adoption.
  4. Increase Efficiency. Arrange and integrate several operational activities in a business. The fluidity and full integration cover the needs of even the most complex companies.
  5. Flexible. The flexibility of Odoo is such that apps can be added according to the growth of your company, adding one app at a time as your needs evolve and your customer base grows